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Saab Heritage Car Museum USA & eSaabParts.com

Matt Nicklay and Tom Donney are excited & proud to announce that eSaabParts.com and the Saab Heritage Car Museum USA have formed a new partnership with the support of Orio North America as a Saab Official Service Center.

So now when you buy Saab parts from eSaabParts.com a large percentage of the profit goes DIRECTLY to the MUSEUM!

Please allow us the privilege of keeping your Saabs on the road and preserve the Heritage of the Saab brand forever!

Thank YOU! Matt & Tom


  1. REPLY
    Lawrence Herko says

    I have a grill from a 1971 Saab 99. It’s in excellent condition and actually mounted in a custom made oak shadow box! It seems like your museum might be the perfect resting place for this grill with a long history. I would like to donate it, along with whatever shipping costs are involved. I owned 3 model 99’s, I purchased my first, new in 1972. About 1977 the automatic transmission went and the car sat idle until 1982 when I bought the 1971 for it’s transmission. The grill on the ’71 was better the that on my ’72 because of a previous accident, but I couldn’t bring myself to put it on that car. A nephew, and Saab aficionado, was getting married when I decided to have the ’71 Saab grill mounted to give as a wedding present! Several years ago after his divorce, I reacquired the grill from his ex-wife. I also owned a 1976? 99 that I bought from my brother. However, that car was made in Belgium?, and was rather disappointing. While I really loved my ’72, since 1984 I’ve been driving VW Jetta’s. So the grill sits in the spare bedroom waiting for the next place to be displayed! I’d be happy to provide a photograph. Please let me know of you interest and where I would ship this grill.

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      Matt says

      Hey Lawrence! We would be honored to have the grill — it will live on to help us restore a 99 in need of a grill 🙂 Thank you SO much for reaching out and the offer! Please feel free to give me a call at your convenience (855-939-7222) and we’ll work it out 🙂 Saab on!

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    Jim Jodice says

    Hi Tom and Matt.
    Just caught the Hemmings story on the museum.
    Sounds like a great idea, perhaps we can start a Sturgis Saab Week as a destination event for some of the Saab Clubs.

    As a long time Saab owner I may have a few pieces that I could add to your collection, also would happily volunteer to help with the drive out to the Sturgis location.

    • REPLY
      Tom says

      Thanks Jim. Any help or ideas ( or better yet action of ideas ) is greatly welcomed

  3. REPLY
    Jim Jodice says

    Tom, send me a direct email if you wouldn’t mind so we can discuss off line

  4. REPLY
    Mark Whalen says

    Tom, I have what I think is some unique Saab literature from the late 70’s and early 80’s. I may be willing to donate some of it or at least scan. Would you drop me your email and I will send you pictures.

  5. REPLY
    Tom says

    My email is tomsaab@gmail.com
    Thanks a bunch. Tom

  6. REPLY
    Morey Liebling says

    As I am getting older, I am Depleting my collection of vehicles that I once thought I’d rebuild, but havent yet and probably never will.

    I have one Sonnett, a few transaxles and a home made freewheel removal/installation tool that wroks great.

    Can you help lead me to someone that may be interested? I am in central New Mexico.

    Thank you.

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