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1944 – Ford GPW 1/4-Ton “Jeep” Truck

  • Year: 1944
  • Make: Saab
  • Model: Ford GPW "Jeep"
  • Transmission: Manual

In 1940, The US War Department opened up bidding for their new war vehicles. The Contract was given to American Bantam, who failed to construct at volume, so Willy’s was tasked to combine the best traits of Ford’s, Willy’s, and Bantam’s designs, and thus, the “Willy’s Jeep” was born.

During WWII, Willy’s was met with production constraints, and the US government asked Ford to begin producing the GPW (GP, Willy’s Design).

Ford’s version was largely the same, except for one small detail. Ford’s Jeeps had 9 slots on the grille, vs the 7 on Willy’s.