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1960 – 93 GT 750, 3 Cyl – 2 stroke, 750cc

  • Year: 1960
  • Make: Saab
  • Model: 93
  • Trim: GT 750
  • Cylinders: 3

Perhaps one of the most beautiful automobiles produced by the Saab corporation the GT 750 is unlike any other car. The dash is a true piece of artwork.This car was owned by long time Saab Enthusiast Bruce and Deb Welch of Vermont. It was used as a daily driver for the family for many years before being sold to General Motors to add to their Heritage Collection. Tom actually had a chance to purchase this car at the largest ever Saab convention in the USA in 1997 in Vermont. The purchase of this car did not happen until 2012 when the the Dutch based Spyker Corporation, owned by  Victor Muller, closed operations of Saab Automobile in Sweden (The parent company SAAB Airplane still remains in operation today).  The bankruptcy/closure then led to the sell off and auctioning of all the Saabs in the USA, in one lot, that use to be in the GM Heritage Collection.

From the “General Motors Heritage Collection”