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1963 – 96 Gran Turismo 3 Cyl – 2 Stroke, 850cc

  • Year: 1963
  • Make: Saab
  • Model: 96
  • Trim: Gran Turismo
  • Cylinders: 3

This GT850 is the very FIRST Saab the Donney family owned. Tom’s older brother Tim and their father (E.P.) went searching for a first car for Tim in the spring of 1969 in Omaha. E.P. decided that the Saab automobile was safe, practical, and economical choice for Tim. It was used by Tim until the engine failed (which was sometime after Tim went away to The Merchant Marine Academy in 1970). Tom was able to fix the engine and then used it through high school and then it was handed down to the next brother in line, Thad. The history of the car before the Donney purchase is a bit unknown. The car had all four fenders painted a different shade of red and many of the engine components had been chromed. E.P. speculated the car was used in rallies since that was its Pedigree! A restoration awaits.