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1973 – 96 V4, 1700cc

  • Year: 1973
  • Make: Saab
  • Model: 96
  • Cylinders: 4

Painted a non-factory color, this is the ‘bumblebee’ car. Since Tom is from Iowa it is also the ‘Hawkeye Saab’! It was purchased on eBay out of St. Louis. It was brought back to Fort Dodge with the assistance of Tom’s son Luke and their good friend Justin Rogers, who later became our web-master. They can tell many stories of driving a 4 car ‘wedge’ hauler through construction in the St. Louis area. White-knuckle driving for a couple of high school kids! I mentioned it was bought on eBay as a ‘running car,’ but buyer beware as I have purchased many cars like this that had not seen fuel nor the light of a highway in over 10 years or more!! Another eBay adventure gone wrong, at least at the price paid. 🙁