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1996 – 900, 2.0l – 4 cyl turbo

  • Year: 1996
  • Make: Saab
  • Model: 900
  • Trim: Pikes Peak Power
  • Engine: 2.0L
  • Cylinders: 4
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Turbo: Yes
  • Miles: 33,000
  • Color: Maroon

This 900 ‘New Gen’ Saab competed in the 1997 Pikes Peak race in the stock division. This car was driven by Larry Webster and won second place. Larry Webster is the former editor of ‘Road and Track’ magazine, and currently works at Hagerty Insurance. It was actually a spare car that was brought over from Sweden in 1996 to be a ‘back up’ in the 2nd Talladega Long Run Challenge. It was not needed and a year later it was re-purposed for the Pikes Peak Challenge by U.S.A. personnel. Probably one of the most fun cars in our collection that Tom has driven, because of its close ratio transmission & race tuned computer.

Simo Lampinen the famous Finnish rally driver for Saab

Simo Lampinen is a Finnish rally driver, and one of the first of the “Flying Finns” who came to dominate the sport. (Wikipedia)

Prior to this car being used in the 1997 Pike’s Peak Hillclimb challenge Simo Lampinen got to drive this car a bit in the USA His name is on the top of this Pikes Peak car and he believes he drove it during a test track time when SAAB was using it for a promotion. Potential buyers could come drive a sporty Saab on a race circuit with a famous rally driver.

Tom and Simo in Sweden at the Saab Cars Trollhattan Museum.

Simo talking tales of rallies long ago.

Simo’s name on top of the car