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1997 – 9000 CSE Turbo

  • Year: 1997
  • Make: Saab
  • Model: 9000
  • Trim: CSE

This 86k mile Saab made its way from Fort Dodge, IA to Sturgis during one of the last “Saab Stampedes”. It was driven by Seth Bengelsdorf, editor of NINES magazine (A magazine dedicated to the Saab brand). Unfortunately, about 95 miles away from the museum he struck a small deer on the right hand front side in a light hit. Fortunately it was a very light hit only causing a dent on the right front fender and slight dent of the right front passenger door. Never fear as Jerry Danner of MileHi Saab and David Snider came to the rescue. Jerry donated a fresh fender and door and Dave helped him install them making the car perfect again. All‘s well that ends well! This marks the second Saab that Jerry contributed his time and talent for the museum.