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2008 – 9-3 AERO XWD, 2.8l – v6 turbo

  • Year: 2008
  • Make: Saab
  • Model: 9-3
  • Trim: Aero
  • Engine: 2.8L
  • Cylinders: 6

Tom says he can remember being told in the late 1990’s that Saab would be training technicians on all-wheel drive systems, within a year or so. Unfortunately Saab’s claim did not happen until 2008. I’m sure someone can shed light on the story as to why Saab waited until the Great Recession of 2008 to finally produced a car that would’ve sold like hotcakes 10 years earlier! I guess that’s one way you become a ‘orphan ‘ brand :(. This car was purchased by Tom to resell. He quickly decided it would have to stay in the collection. This car features a new clutch and trailer hitch. (Trailer hitches equal clutches and transmissions in Toms world!)