There aren’t many people who can claim to have had one job for 55 years, but Jerry can. Proprietor of Denver, Colorado’s Mile Hi Automotive -for half a century, a Saab-exclusive service center- he is steadfastly devoted to Saab cars. This regular attendee of the Saab Club of North America annual Saab Owners’ Conventions is famous for arriving at far-away SOCs in an otherwise unremarkable rental car that’s been humorously festooned with nearly every form of Saab badging conceivable.

“I’m 68 now, and have been around Saab since I was 11, because of my father’s automotive shop,” Jerry explains, “Today, Mile Hi Automotive has closed its doors after 52 years servicing Saab exclusively since 1969. I might not be a business owner anymore but my dedication and all my enthusiasm is still directed 100% to Saab to the day I expire”.


“I have grown up through the whole production run of Saab. From the two-strokes and V-4s to the 99s, 900s, the 9-3s, and 9-5s, and have worked on every one of them. My whole heart has been around Saab. Saab has been very good to me. Now I have the time, I now can support the Museum through my efforts, time, and charitable contributions”.

“The beauty of this Museum is that those who have heard of the vintage Saabs can now see them,” he ponders; “And those who have been around Saab, can walk down memory lane.”




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