The sales and servicing of Saabs has been an integral part of Marty’s life since the early 1960s, when family ties introduced him to the small, Swedish front-drivers. “My father, Jerry, was a technician at an auto dealership in Minneapolis that sold and serviced Saab automobiles. He thought there would be a market for these cars in the northern Iowa area, and convinced my grandfather, Edmund Adams, to take on the franchise in 1964. Over the years, the business grew, and transitioned ownership to my father, and ultimately to my wife and me, in 1997.”

Indeed, for decades, Saab enthusiasts have considered McIntire, Iowa’s Meyer Garage to be a stronghold of quality and expertise, and its Saab Master Technician proprietor to be knowledgeable and enthusiastic. “The end of Saab vehicle production obviously changed my life, but I continue to service Saabs, and always enjoy my vintage restoration projects,” Marty explains.

“I feel this Museum’s mission is important because it offers the opportunity for not only the history and preservation of the Saab automobile, but the spirit of the Saab enthusiast. It provides a central point of contact for individuals to share technical tips, restoration stories, and most importantly, the creation of lifelong relationships and friendships. This isn’t just a museum. It’s a community of individuals who enjoy driving and repairing Saab automobiles.”

Contemplating the ongoing process of improvements that have brought the Sturgis campus to its current state, Marty says; “Getting things organized and in place has been a priority. As time progresses, I see the Museum becoming a destination and a resource for current and future enthusiasts. With the tourism opportunities in the South Dakota area, exposure to a wider audience will be available. I enjoy my trips out to the Museum, working on the vehicles and getting them ready for display. Talking with fellow enthusiasts is always a highlight- Saab stories are the best stories.”



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