Like many of the enthusiasts who have volunteered to serve on Saab Heritage Car Museum USA board, Nate has Saab Cars DNA in his blood. He’s the son of Museum founders Tom and Patty, so he knows their passion firsthand, and it comes through him, evident to everyone he speaks with.

“My connection to Saab is a lifelong affair,” Nate recalls. “Saabs were a part of my father’s life long before I entered the picture, and they have been integral in my entire family’s story. As kids, our summers were usually filled with ‘Saab Safaris,’ where we would travel the United States in search of the unique cars; we’d attend Saab conventions, help others in restoration projects, or simply organize and maintain the ever-growing collection.”

This U.S. Army veteran has personally pitched in with many Saab-related projects, including helping bring his father’s restored 1965 96 Monte Carlo 850 to Portland, Oregon, where that car would star, alongside actor Fred Armisen, in an episode of car-guy-extraordinaire Jerry Seinfeld’s famous online program, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

Nate supports this Museum because he knows its role in preserving and presenting the story of Saab cars in America will be told not only through the four-wheeled specimens in the collection, but through the people whose passion it represents. “This museum is important because it is a continuation of not only my father’s work, but of my family’s story. Saab may not produce cars anymore, but the company’s history lives on in places like this.

“Being the youngest board member, my plan for the future of the museum is to keep that history and those stories alive beyond not just my father’s generation, but for generations to come,” he explains. “I want to make that happen by helping build a place that sustains and shares these stories, brings them to life, and gives back to the communities that have given life to my father’s dream.”

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