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Thought I would share a story, I have just become the proud owner of a 1965 Saab 96 two stroke and I blame you! In 2012 we were sat at home in Wales having lunch discussing options for a proposed motorcycle trip. To cut a long story short we decided that we would ride through America (food is good, and we almost speak the language). This evolved to taking in speedweek during the trip, which quickly evolved to we could ride at Bonneville. So team bonneville bantam was born, lets take some vintage british metal to America and try to capture a speed record. Which we did in 2013 but that is a whole different story which was an adventure of a lifetime.
However whilst I was there one other vehicle captured my interest, first I heard it, the I smelt it, and it became the only other vehicle that I found the time to search out at the start line and watch do a run. Man I loved your car, I have always been a Saab fan and two strokes really work for me, my 1954 125cc bantam has just this year hit 99.6mph. I thought what better way to combine the interests than getting hold of a 96. This is a daily runner for me so whilst not wanting it to be super tuned (although I adore that sound) I would welcome any advice on a soft tune that would enhance the pedigree of this iconic vehicle.
So thanks for the inspiration, and I am looking forward to developing my two-stroke smile as I drive to work in the mornings.
Kind regards