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A Saab Story with a Happy Ending!

Recently we went on a Saab Safari! OK, it was just a quick trip to the Billings, Montana area to pick up a 1972 Saab 96.

The current owner bought it to remove the engine for his forklift collection. He decided the car was too nice and needed to be saved, so he offered it to me in exchange for some V4 engines. He believe the car to have 7,500 original miles.

Engine started right up! Great looking grill. Hood was replaced after a fender bender. Car will make a great driver. No rust,  it runs, and it has lots of patina!

On our way home, we were able to visit the original owner who purchased this Saab brand new, and she verified there should be a one in front of it. 107,500 miles. The lady had sold the car last spring and when she heard we were going to bring the car by to show it to her, she start to cry. It has been her favorite car she had had since 1972 and she never thought she would see it again.

The trip back to Sturgis had a few adventures but we made it. Always good fun to discover an old soda can for a wheel bearing seal cap! Walmart to the rescue.

Thanks to Patti & Matt Nicklay for the help. Someone will enjoy this car! 

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