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Help us add the Skip Barber Series Saab to the museum

We want to ask for your help. Something we have not done is asking people to donate money to help purchase a car. So far, all the money we’ve used to buy cars and things we have, Patti and Tom have been using their own personal money. But this is a car we think merits the attention of the Saab community. It’s the Skip Barber Series Saab. There’s only two of these known to exist yet in the country. As you can see in the print of the ad here, it talks about Saab, and how the series was used to train future Indy drivers. We think it’s pretty cool that they used the Saab engine to power it, and you could buy that engine in your car.  

There are a lot of cool things we’d like to add to the museum, and this Skip Barber car is one we need to add. We think this Skip Barber car helps to cross bridges with non-Saab people, which is why we think it’s really important. So we’ve started a fund to add this car to the museum collection. The cost of this car is $16,500. It comes with a lot of parts and things, and we think it will be a valuable addition to the museum.

You can donate through the website to help us buy it and preserve it for the future. You can make a one-time donation, or set up a recurring monthly donation. You can also make donations through Facebook – look for the “Donate” button at the top of the page. We are a 501 (c) (3) non-profit, so your donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

This is the actual car right here:

What we think is important about this car, with only two of them around (Bill Jacobsen and his family have the other one) is that it’s what we would call a “crossover” car – a car that helps to bring non-Saab people into the museum and sparks their interest in Saab when they’re in there. It’s a lot like the “Black Sabbath Resurrection” car in that respect.

This car, you would not believe the people that come up to us at the drag meet, or wherever we take it, and they just think the car is so cool. It’s got that little Rat Rod look going, and they always want to know, “what is it? A Saab?!” It’s kind of like the people we’ve had come visit at the museum; some people come in not knowing what a Saab is, and when we talk to them about it, they typically get excited about the brand and what we’re doing with it. They always say, “I had no idea Saab did all these different things.”

It’s going to take the help of people like you to help keep the Saab brand alive, because people who have never had a Saab, they’re not going to keep it alive.  It’s up to people like you who have a Saab, or had a Saab back in the day, to help. Tom and Patti can only do so much. We really need the help of other people to make this museum as big as it can be.

We appreciate what everyone’s done to help get the museum going. We’ve even had some support from the Saab Museum in Sweden, which we think is incredible. So we’ve gotten a lot of good support so far, but we need more to help grow and reach more people.

So, if you can give some money to the Skip Barber car project, just include a note in with your donation that the money is for the Skip Barber fund. Be sure to like and follow us on Facebook to see up-to-the-minute updates. Thank you for your help, and have a great 2019!

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