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How Saabs were made in 1960

Story from Bring a Trailer

BaT Video Inspiration: Saab Production in 1960
Every time it feels like we’re finally getting over the loss of Saab in 2012, a 96 or a 900 SPG drives by, a 99 Turbo or a Sonett pops up on auctions, or we bump into a video like this Swedish language gem covering the late, great weirdo manufacturer’s production in 1960.

Though brief at just ~8 minutes, the English-subtitled color doc covers quite a bit, including engine manufacturing, sheet metal stamping, unibody production, painting, and final assembly on a moving but very hands-on line. Near the end, we’re treated to a brand-new Monte Carlo being hustled around a road encircling the young Trollhättan plant, which at the time was just switching from 93 to 96 production and churning out roughly 30,000 vehicles annually.

Pour out a bit of premix for the departed, grab some popcorn and enjoy.

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