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Museum Highlight #1 – 1988 Saab 900 “Bread Car”

This car was donated in 2014 by a gentleman from Texas named Lars Anderson. This car was purchased by his mother in 1989 from Jimmy Vickers Saab-Jeep dealership in Merritt Island, Florida. His mother made an offer to the owner of the dealership, Buddy Vickers for the Talladega Red 900 that he couldn’t refuse; $13,000 and a loaf of bread that she was so infamous for baking. The following day, she returned to the dealership, $13,000 check in hand. She was given her keys, but the owner said that she would have to return with the loaf of bread she promised to make in order to get the title.

Lars’ mother often said that this was the last car she would ever need, and it was! It lasted her up until she passed. She had previously decided that the car was to be donated to the Saab Foundation, which, unfortunately for her (fortunately for us) was no longer around by the time of her passing. Her son did the second-best thing that he could, and personally drove the car up to Fort Dodge, Iowa, where Tom had had his collection at the time of the donation.

Up until the donation of the car, it had sat for an extended period of time. Lars had hoped that the car would make the journey, but knew that he would likely face problems on his way. To his surprise, the car made it without issue, and even achieved the best mileage of its life on its way North. Lars had remarked that it felt like his mom was sitting right next to him the entire way up.

The Car was featured in the May/June 2014 issue of Nines, The Saab Club of North America Magazine. Today, the car can be found on our museum floor, along with more than 100 other Saab vehicles.

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